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Let’s chat about KERATIN

Let’s chat about KERATIN

Did you know ? 💡

Your hair is made of keratin! So although there are keratins out there much too strong, misused & filled with extra chemicals they don’t talk about - if you’re using good products ITS GOOD for your hair.

Does it make your hair dead straight?

NO. Keratin is not a relaxer. It will not be left dead straight as this product does not break the bond of your hair as a relaxer would. Instead it revives the hair strands from the inside out.

Won’t it kill my curls?

There are many ways to use keratin! I personally use the same product manipulated different ways depending on what my clients want.

Isn’t it bad for colored hair?

On the contrary- prime example above. This client has been light before, went dark this past year & wanted to go back to the light side all at once. We prepped her with keratin as Botox 2 weeks prior to service. Her hair is naturally on the thin side, but can you tell???? I can’t 🤩

Hope this was helpful 🥰