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Welcome to our journey!

Blunt Blunde Salon was founded in September 2019 in Kendall, Florida by Miami-native Michelle Subirana. The salon was born from a commitment to grow a community of uplifting women, provide continuous hair and beauty education, and offer a beauty destination with the coziest vibes, the best team of experts, and excellent customer service.

We're a team of beautiful, empowered, educated, and inspiring hair artists on a mission to make you feel gorgeous inside and out ♥



I've been a stylist behind the chair for over a decade, spent time learning from some of the best in Los Angeles and came back to Miami with big plans for the future. I have 2 beautiful little girls (in my heart I have 4) whom I won’t stop til I make it to the top for. I love creating beautiful seamless color and blondes are my specialty but I'm realizing as time goes by that my true passion lies in teaching and growing our salon in this beautiful new location. I love making you ladies feel like queens just as much as I do watching my stylists grow. It's my full intention to create the best vibe & deliver you the hair of your dreams whether you see me or any of my amazing team. This home away from home is my dream coming true, can't wait to share a piece of me with you!


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Been behind the chair for over a decade, truly the funnest job I’ve ever had. I love being responsible for making women fall in love with themselves again. Creating what I envisioned in my head with my hands, moves and motivates me. Mastering color and adding length and dimension to hair with extensions is my new fave. Former firefighter who lives to serve. Network marketer who loves to connect. Styling allows me to do so with whoever sits in my chair and make life long relationships. There’s so much that I’ll love to share with you, so come on over and see me IRL because I can’t wait to meet you! :)


Hi I’m Maggie, a Miami hairstylist specializing in blonding, color and extensions. I’m 21 & love all things ocean and beach related especially beach/surf inspired hair. I’m always learning new things and I’m currently working on trending extension methods. I have a passion for making you feel beautiful on the outside just as much as you are on the inside. Book with me now to reach your hair goals🤍 You can book through my vagaro link, call the salon, or send me a dm @mvpbeauty


Hello, I'm Genevieve, a passionate hair artist at Blunt Blonde Salon. I am known for my attention to detail and patience with big projects. I value spreading love and exploring my creativity. I am a master colorist and offer precision haircuts. My expertise lies in being a specialist in blonding and extensions. I take great pride in my ability to create stunning looks that enhance my clients' natural beauty. With a passion for staying up-to-date with the latest trends, I strive to provide an exceptional service and ensure that every client leaves the salon feeling confident, beautiful, and satisfied. If you would like to know more about me come sit in my chair, and I would love to connect with you! I love what I do and offer a unique experience to my guests that goes beyond just hair. I have traveled the world learning from some of the greatest teachers how to heal myself and others.  As a healer my guests not only leave with amazing hair, but also with a more open heart. If this aligns with you DM me on IG @genevieve.rose_hair to make your hair dreams come true. Blessings to all!


I’ve been interested in and passionate about the beauty and hair industry for as long as I can remember. By the 4th grade, I had mastered “straightening hair” with just a round brush and blowdryer and had friends from the neighborhood and school coming over all the time for me to do their hair. I completed my cosmetology training in high school at the age of 18. Then, I went to college for criminal justice. But, my interest in the hair and beauty industry was always there and I just knew it’s what I wanted to do and had to go for it. In 2009, I received intensive training while working and growing as a Master Colorist at one of Houston’s top salons for 6 years. I, then, opened my hair studio where I continued to do what I love for 6 years and would seek education on new techniques along with mastering the old ones. I have always loved Miami and in 2021, I decided to take a leap of faith and move out here. Meet new people and learn from other talented artists. I’m excited to get to work next to, and with, such creative beauties and be a part of the Blunt Blonde Fam. My goal is to make sure I keep my lovely clients up to date on the latest color trends, keep the integrity of the hair healthy, enhance natural beauty while helping build confidence and relationships.


Hi there!! ! My name is Irene, Im 33 years old and I was born and raised in Miami! I am a dance and cheer mom to two fierce little ladies and they are my absolute ALL! I have been a hairdresser for about 9 years and love it to the fullest. I love making all of my clients feel happy & beautiful from the moment they sit in my chair till their time at check out. Color , cuts, and blonding are specialties of mine and I am currently venturing into extensions. I have a crazy and silly personality so expect humor throughout your visit! Can’t wait to have you in my chair! Feel free to reach out to book or just a chat! @irenie90 


Hi, my name is Tati. I’m a professional colorist and hair stylist. I knew at a very early age that I wanted to become someone who had the opportunity to make people feel amazing , elevate someone’s self esteem , and possibly change a persons life! That passion led me into the beauty industry. I currently have the privilege to work at blunt blondes and continue to grow and expand my knowledge in order to bring the latest practices and trends to my clients. Some of my specialties include: highlights, balayage, all over color, multidimensional color and fun colors! Cuts: short, longs, layers. Special occasion styling. Intensive repairs and smoothing treatments.
I am currently taking new clients and can’t wait to meet you.


Hello, I'm Nikki, a hairstylist and nail artist. While nails are my specialty, I also love experimenting with hair, excelling in cutting, color corrections, and blonding. For nails, I offer services like Après, structured manicures, and gel manicures. I have a passion for creating funky nail art and thrive on the creative challenges my clients present. Building meaningful connections with my clients is what I cherish most about my work. Witnessing their growth over the years is incredibly rewarding, and I value the trust they place in me as a safe space to unwind and share their stories.


I have been licensed since 2013 & prior to that I was an assistant for 2 years at Rik Rak Salon. My goal is to help women embrace their natural beauty, that’s why I’ve chosen to master my craft and specialize in textured haircuts & natural painted looks. Fun fact, most of my life I’ve had my hair colored, it started with “ Sun in “ & by 5th grade I was fully Blonde, then by 8th grade I was spray painting my blonde ends pink & the rest is history. Blonde hair / Funky hair colors will always have a special place in my heart & when I do get the opportunity to create some magic outside of a natural look my heart feels full.



Hi, I'm Raelyn! After seven years as a kindergarten teacher, I followed my passion for beauty and became a full cosmetologist specializing in Color & extensions although my passion spring from my love for makeup. My approach is focused on making you feel comfortable and informed, with the goal of helping you look and feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Let's create a personalized hair routine that leaves you feeling confident and healthy!


My name is Miranda, I'm a hair stylist specializing in color & cutting- originally from San Antonio, Texas. Recently, my family and I made a big move to Miami. I'm a devoted mom to my one year old son, and my husband who serves in the Air Force. Juggling family life and my love for hairstyling keeps me busy, but it's a fulfilling challenge.I love using my creativity to help others feel confident and beautiful, and I'm excited to bring my skills to the Miami scene! You can book with me by calling the salon or by DMing me at @miranda_styless . 



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