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Which curling tool is for you?!

Which curling tool is for you?!

At this point there are so many different wands, curlers, barrels ect that I can only imagine the frustration & confusion when finding the right fit for your hair type! So let’s break this down a bit.

Wand- simply wrap the hair around barrel & it will give a coil like curl. Meaning full & bouncy. Only looks piecey/beachy if you leave the ends out. Great for thinner hair to give the fuller look. Also great if you aren’t too good with hot tools!

Curling iron- has a clamp. Little more complex to use but leaves the hair slimmer as its iron pressed, beachier effect to hair. Can make different kind of curls also- tighter or looser. If you’re not good at styling, use something easier!

Beachwaver- automatic curling iron! This has changed my life lol. Easy, simple, takes barely any effort, perfect waves. Can also be used as a wand without clamp. This is the best choice if you’re not savvy with your hair friends!

Crimper- place hair in clamp and close. Repeat all through hair. Very simple tool to use! Much softer wave effect but tends to hold up well on even the thinnest flattest hair types. Usually very quick to complete also.

Short hair - 1inch barrel
Medium hair 1-1.25 inch barrel depending thickness and wave desired. Smaller the barrel tighter the curl.
Long hair- 1.25 -1.5 inch barrel depending thickness & curl desired.

Crimpers also have different barrels. I would say 1.-25 or bigger for any hair type unless you want Oldschool frizzy Lizzy electric waves.

If this was helpful show love & share with someone who needs to know ! ♥️