Information about Type-Ins:

* 20 tapes in each pack. 

*45-55 grams in each package depends on how many inches in a package.

* You can use our hair more than a year.

* Tapes made with a polyurethane-based glue. They are thermally solder for reliably.

* Polyurethane base of the tapes reinforced with a wig net. we have a patent for this technology.

* On the dark and medium-colored hairs tape base is the same color as the hair. That makes GVA Hair tape-ins discreet.

*Luxury line-100% natural hair from different donors. the best value for money.

*Delivery may take up to 4 weeks because the product will be made specifically for you at a factory in Russia if it is not in stock.

Blunt Red Extra Inches